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turnkey manufacturing



EMS is prepared to purchase all raw materials, packaging supplies and shipping components. Components can be warehoused against an in-house order. It is not mandatory for us to do your purchasing, but our discounts will be passed on to you.

All raw materials and packaging supplies are subjected to rigorous quality control measures including but not limited to 3 specific identity tests and certificate of analysis confirmation. Raw materials and packaging supplies are only released for use if they pass all of our tests.

Manufacturing and Compounding

Our equipment has the capabilitiy of manufacturing liquids, creams, pastes, gels, stick, solutions, and lotions in batches as small as 30 gallons to as large as 5000 gallons. We are fully certified and FDA registered and strictly adhere to GMP Guidelines.

Our manufacturing vats are 316SS fully jacketed with steam for heating and chilled water for cooling and have built in homogenizers, sweeps, and in-line filters. The on-site water purification system produces sterile USP water for use in manufacturing. Dedicated manufacturing vessels are available.

Filling and Packaging

Filling is controled by the quality control manager. At the beginning, middle and end of a run, samples of the product are taken. Testing and evaluation includes proper weight, color, odor and overall appearance of the product.

All filling and packaging of our products are done in accordance to GMP and FDA guidelines. Upon completion, the finished product goes into quarantine until release by our quality control experts.


EMS Contract Packaging
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